3x5s colorthe quimperWhere will a 3 x 5 index card lead you?  How can that tiny frame come alive?  Can that small space hold the stuff of dreams?

The impetus for this project came from Noah Scalin’s 365: A Daily Creativity Journal.  Basic materials are 3 x 5 cards, which my Dad used on a daily basis, and found items in drawers, all loosely related to tea, a drink I love.  After taking Tina Seelig’s MOOC A Crash Course on Creativity through Stanford this fall, I like the idea of doing a mini creative project every day to stay alert and pay closer attention to the work involved in making a small treasure every day for a year.  Connecting and combining random items and thoughts makes for a great and surprising creative road map for the year ahead.


Please feel free to comment if you’d like.  Your thoughts are welcome!

At year’s end – reflections:

As the days rolled on, I found a rhythm from time to time and ideas came easily as well as the output. Other days were tougher and often late in the evening I still hadn’t hit on anything. The seat of the pants moments tended to generate simple but ironic or playful solutions, A tribute to not over thinking things.

I there of tea and desk stuff wove in and out. As the tasks became larger in scale they were harder to translate to a 3×5, and I resorted to photos of the installations. That was not as satisfying as taking the step to focus the end result or a representation to the 3×5.

Another project will hatch for the coming year, and I will post a blog link here.