Ha ha! This ended up being a multi-layered affair, both mentally and visually. I thought that trying to play tic tac toe blindfolded would be fun. Especially since, in terms of strategy, that is how I play (i.e. no strategy, just blind faith).

Teachable moments:

1. It is hard to draw a decent tic tac toe grid without looking, even with pastels which are tactile enough to feel the resulting forms.

2. Fingers can’t tell colors, much less tones, so many of the grids, Xs and Os ended up being dark against the black.

3. I thought it might be interesting to do a whitewash over the colors, and knowing that the white paint was in the lower left square of the paint box, off I went. Well, closed eyes can’t tell hot pink from white so at some point a mixology class happened.

4. Have ever tried to paint with your eyes closed? This was very different from finger painting, where you may have less control but still can watch your creation develop. Not here. Kind of mad scientist meets toddler in the paint box.

5. Taking a photo without looking is also a challenge worth trying. Sort of like photographing bats in a dark cave with no flash, as the light gets eaten up.

Sum total: Title of Crazy Mad Chalkboard is a poke in the side to all those years of learning how to best instruct bright college students with strong and highly organized “boardwork.” Interesting that the letters are the cleanest part of this piece. Guess we do learn how to write, with patience!