One day, the GREAT CREATOR was feeling lazy and unsettled. Stretching out up there in the outer edges of the universe, Creator yawned and wondered: “What Now?” Wandering around the abode, Creator saw two drops of fresh paint on the Void. “Damn those sloppy painters, they never pay attention to what they are doing!” Without thinking, Creator, stepped over the blobs of paint and went out to see the Endless Garden.

Meanwhile, the Great Cat and the Great Dog thought it was time for lunch. In they came from the Endless Garden and, OOPS! Plop went the paddy paws into the paint.

Great Dog and Great Cat were Greatly Annoyed, and a session of slipping, splatting and paw licking ensued. Blat, splat, now take that! They went at it like a couple of unfettered toddlers.

“Hey! Who said you could do that? Scat!” proclaimed the Great Creator, coming back into the abode. And yet, on second glance, the Great Creator had an idea. “What if I could create an entire new realm of being, just like that? Hmm, now let me see.”

And so, dear readers, the great galactic, inner and outer system came into being. Not from a Big Bang, not from six days of furious work and then a day off, but from Blat, Splat and Take That!