So here we sit in the post-Edward Snowden era, and folks are getting a bit nervous about who knows what. Not only has this put the intelligence community in a tizzy, but ordinary people are not sure who knows what when or how they know what they know. The social network is breaking down and everyone wonders: How can I share anything, talk, communicate? Is there a “safe” path?

Yes! The restaurant menu comes to the rescue. With a handy dandy Sharpie pen and a nice comprehensive menu, a few dashes here and there and voila! Your message is crystal clear. Innocent text, neatly “censored” turns into straight-forward talk or complex code. You choose!

Today’s message: taking the section titles of the menu, out redacted phrase reads: Ben is on so don’t cry.” Hmm. Then an odd scribbled signature (?): Eel Bento.

Now the questions whirl. Who is Ben? Where or what is he on? Why cry? Who is crying? As Sherlock Holmes said: “The game is afoot!”