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Oh such an Ode to an Apple! Julia’s version of tarte tatin, an upside down apple tarte, cooked in a heavy saute pan over heat to caramelize the apples then finished off in the oven, is a simple marvel. In the show she strips away all the fussy add ins and sticks with the basics: apples, sugar, butter for the “filling” and a simple not overly mixed crust.

Here are the results, a success. The layers worked out well, but it would take a torch or a good broiler to get the finish of a caramelized layer of powered sugar (which I skipped).
Here is her recipe, and make sure to get crisp non mushy apples.’s%20Tarte%20Tatin.htm

The image of Julia from the show is her in France buying creme fraiche from her favoitre cremerie vendor.

The odd little doughy figure is an ornament I made (along with a few more) over 40 years ago. So here is petit chef celebrating Mme Julia! As the saying goes: Bon Appetit!