What an exceptional day! Temperatures in the 60s, clear skies, no wind, and fairly SILENT in the neighborhood. My mom had gotten several plants to put in and that was task number one: ferns, stock, calendulas, pansies, and some ornamental oxalis. Then off to prune salvias, bracken ferns, gladiolas and other perennials that needed cutting back. Patio sweeping, filling up the green bin for the recycling guys who come by tomorrow, driveway sweeping, and general clean up. A good afternoon’s work.

There is a beauty to the focus that comes with this kind of work. You have to pay attention to what you are doing and there are definite endpoints to the various jobs. For the amateur, gardening is a labor of love. For the professional, it is hard labor, often at crummy wages, with little respect, and long hours. So here are some hearts for all those who tend other people’s gardens. I hope the folks doing the work get to enjoy, in some way, the fruits of their labor.