grown up breakfast

If I could manage somehow to enable every person on earth to have a good hot breakfast everyday, accompanied by a few minutes of reading a favorite book, alone or out loud with friends, family or even a stranger, then I think the world would be in great shape. This hope springs from two critical components of well being: nutritious food to start the day and universal literacy. I believe that if we managed to provide those two elements from birth to our farewell on this earth, we would have solved many of the thorniest problems and perhaps even managed to steer clear of many of the types of catastrophes we get ourselves into.

We could start small, maybe send a coupon for food delivery and a book to someone we know who is having a hard time. Or help out with a free breakfast program at a local school, or help deliver food to shut ins and read them a story while they eat breakfast. So here’s to Care B and B. Books and a good homemade breakfast to show we all care for one another and not just for our individual selves.