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From somewhere so far away that we have not yet imagined it, a small colony of creatures decides to break away and go exploring… and I mean really exploring. They form a ring of power, load up the most resilient among all living creatures they are familiar with, and take off. Their sophisticated means of mind to mind communication allows them to stay in close touch for what seems like, well, forever (are we there yet?).

Hurtling through space through time without measure or end, they pass through myriad galaxies, astral goop and odd atmospheres, finally they arrive in a back yard in the middle of, for them, no where. They arrive in darkness, and wait…

Six hours later, the sun begins to rise in a small town on the coast of what was once known as California. Now we can say, yes, as these new pioneers can attest, California, at least in this far flung future, IS a state of mind.