“But, Mother… generated some great responses. I wish I had sent this out in the morning to get a few more, but I will add them as they come in.

But Mother, I ‘d rather do it myself!

But, Mother, it was in fact your fault for not picking me up that forced me to steal that car.

But, Mother, I can’t possibly finish all of this apple butter.

But Mother, as you well know, my dear sibling, has spent the last 70 years of her life in silent meditation, so I do not see the use of taking her on a Caribbean cruise to “take her out of herself,’ as you so quaintly put it, at this point in her life.

“But, Mother, what big teeth you have!”
“Hey, kid, wrong story…”

“But, Mother, I can see my Dad if I want to. Just because you
guys didn’t get along while you were married and you still hate his guts, I want to get to know him and my half-brothers. If you want to disinherit me for it, fine by me!”