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What if we took a few moments to celebrate the calm moments with a cup of tea, maybe shared with friends, a good book, a dear pet, or at a cafe in a still to be discovered place? A little pause for taking it all in and enjoying life for a few precious seconds.

A year ago I was working furiously in my first online design course :A Crash Course in Creativity, taught by the remarkable Tina Seelig of Stanford University. Through an algorithm, I landed on a marvelous global team who became the indomitable Team Pi, and then the Enlightened Souls of Pi. We had great interactions and cranked out some truly fun projects together across 13.5 time zones! That said, I thought it would be a fitting tribute to their spirit and creativity to send them a little postcard with hand made stamp. If we could all share a cup of tea together (accompanied by pie!!) and catch up, that would bring me huge smiles and pleasure. Hi to all Team Pi!!