clothes hound 002

Zounds! A depressing evil spirit has overtaken you as you wake up and think of another dreary day?!?#*!!

QUICK! It’s Clothes Hound to the rescue. Imbued with his awesome powers of happiness, tail weagging and incessant need for food, walks, water and your affection, Clothes Hound can change your day, not to mention your life, for the better, He makes your troubles seem small as he offers his constant companionship, his devoted presence and undivided attention. Your sense of belonging is guaranteed, he always lends an ear, loves without imposing conditions, and gets you out of your rut and into the groove. Not to mention his extraordinary sartorial expertise makes you rethink that tame and dull personal wardrobe.

His Motto: Danger from a stranger? Yipes Stripes! Never worry never fear, Clothes Hound will save your day!!