sacre coeur

eiffel tower parts

“Use a skyline of your hometown or another city as inspiration today.”

Well, for me Paris is the obvious choice, not so much that the skyline is spectacular, but for the fact that in the 1860s BAron Haussmann , in a gargantuan effort to clean up the disease-riddled sectors of Paris, created perhaps one of the world’s most inspired moves in city panning ever: a reworking of the architectural style of large swaths of apartment buildings to a breathtaking uniformity of material, color, height and architecture. His work touched over 60% of existing buildings in the city’s center.

Skip forward 100 years, and we can celebrate that look with a deep dive into the magnificent renderings of Paris by “Robinson” (aka Werner Krause) who drew over 250,000 illustrations of the cite lumiere!

Here is a little pastiche present for him in honor of his work.