crouchin gtiger

Being short, as a fitness trainer said about a year ago “Veak” and female, I HATE it when my physical appearance creates the assumption that I am too small or weak or inexperienced to be taken seriously.

ENTER THE DRAGON: my shelter would be to become a black belted martial arts super dragon wonder: 6’3″, 215, strong, intractable and able to unleash fierce force in the blink of an eye. You can bet that with those credentials, no one would f*!k with me.

This ability reminds me of a repeated dream I have had my whole life; the ability to jump up in the air, twirl and travel and kick and fly, all without having to touch down for a very long time. Kind of like those amazing sequences in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon where the wudang mistresses battle and slip up and over rooftops. Far more empowering than Mary Poppins.

So here I am in my new “shelter” being! Don’t mess with me!