bibli trap

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The bibliophile has certain needs: a comfortable , well lighted place, quiet, a pot of tea, pillows, several weeks or years off work, and books, books, books.

Successful traps vary in color, scale, aspect and appeal to bibliophiles at different times of day, throughout the changing seasons, and to all ages.

As a child I had two favorite bibli traps: pillowcases hung from underneath a sideboard buffet enclosed the space which contained blankets, pillows, a few stuffed animals, my replica of the Santa Maria desk light, and books!

The other great reading spot was the void created by two couches which joined in a corner, with a card table between them: I would pull out the small couch, load in my required items, including a lamp, and pull back the couch from the inside. Heaven!

All readers should be allowed to hang a DO NOT DISTURB sign around their necks.

Now please excuse me as a trap is calling my name.