py opened 3x5

pythoness: n. in greek mythology, a woman believed to be possessed by the spirit of an oracle, especially Apollo’s priestess at Delphi [14thC. From late Latin pythonissa, feminine of python, from Greek Puthon, named for the serpent that Apollo killed near Delphi.]

Ha ha! At first I thought, well, yes, the feminine for python, but this is far more intriguing. I love dictionaries. We used to play Dictionary lots at dinner, probably to avoid actual conversation about the real world and personal matters. Dictionnaries remind me of wandering in the subterranean stacks at the Doe Library at UC Berkeley, to find some lost text, and getting all wrapped up in the books right next to what one was supposed to be researching. Not nearly as much fun now on the Internet, as you lose that meandering trail from proximity.

So here is the priestess, surrounded by her golden tongue. Open the flaps and you reach Delphi, but watch out for those pythonesses!