bb book 3x5

So the 10 word version goes like this: ” Irrepressible Determination: Her Enthusiasm for Life Occasionally Overwhelms Her.”

The part after the colon is actually a direct quote from my third grade teacher as written on my report card (which my never-throw-anything-away mother still has). I like this portrait of a lateral thinker, as I have had to learn how to do end runs around various obstacles in life and regularly slam into failure. Just part of the stones in the shoes on the road ahead! Motto: onward and upward!

The 3×5 becomes a booklet of childhood photos demonstrating this state of overenthusiasm. There are many more but space is limited… January 1960: on rocking horse Darby at grandparents house in Pasadena. December 1959, on the beach hard at work with sister Carrie at Sunset Beach. November 1960, testing out the big backyard slide. May 1962, crowning the King, our little brother Byron (known in family circles as Beben).