chalk 3x5

OH the JOY of chalk. I had forgotten how great it is to lay into pavement with fat chalk in hand. Began with a very elaborate plan to create the image of a conservatory/tea room/reading room, which, if I could add to this tiny house, I would build in a second.

Okay. A bit ambitious, so, in looking at the colors of the tea bags, out came a tea bag hopscotch. The pastels colors of the chalk set were actually pretty subtle for something intended for kids and ephemeral fun.

THe 3×5 sits with a program from York School which focused on Design Thinking, and is a good example of what, in the at Stanford, they would call a “crap up.” Quick, dirty and gets the point across. I actually really like the abstraction of the hopscotch. Reminds me of a crossword or Scrabble board.