3x5paper jewelry

I like the way this turned out; kind of an ode to East meets West with Japanese origami fish and paper and Southwest turquoise.

If you think of a memory box and the idea that it is supposed to jog your memory about certain events, people, or places then this box doesn’t really fit the mold. However, if you take the box as a way to reframe how we perceive and value objects, then we can see how paper can become jewels, jewelry can become pebbles, or odd masks, and movement can be evoked by static schools of fish.

I especially like the black velvet background and how it enhances the vivid colors of the paper and the loose turquoise beads. Can you see the tiny milagro a pair of eyes? Yep, it’s not all about me, or you, it’s all about perception. I also enjoy the context of the box with the unusual teapots, shoji screen and quilt.

Well, after a second glance, if you look really hard, you can see a slight reflection of me in the glass.