battle card
g and soup
close up battle


And now, the epic film “Godzilla meets the Cephalopod” begins. Godzilla approaches the squirming, green mass, its evil carrot orange poisonous tentacles extended. Bulbous lemon yellow eyes send piercing rays toward the reptilian monster, as humans flee to safety.

Suddenly, Godzilla brings out his secret weapon: a casserole and water. AND SHAZAM! The vegetal opponent is reduced to … soup.

Wielding his mighty spoon and tea cup in triumph, Godzilla prepares to eat his foe! One glassy eye and the diced and sliced orange tentacles drift, lifelessly, on the surface of the ghastly goop.

The drama is captured on a 3×5 for posterity by the tiny human journalist hidden in the rubble beside the battlefield.