color tgif images 001

The little 3×5 translating machine represents 66 different ways of saying TGIF. While I had heard of many of these languages, and speak a few, some were very intriguing. I enjoyed trying to color code them in groups by branches of the linguistic tree. The scripts are beautiful. Click to zoom and take a close look at Georgian, Lao, Tamil and Telugu, just to highlight a few. Interesting as well that many adversaries can trace their individual mother tongues back to the same linguistic root. Also fascinating was the thought of what “god” might mean to native speakers of these languages, and what a typical “Friday” meant. A good exercise in verbally walking in another’s shoes. I suppose I enjoyed this so much because it took me back to my first job in college at Berkeley: working in the Doe Library newspaper room and seeing all the papers from around the world flow in, followed by their avid readers. Good days!