ocean world 3x5

Two bits of lyrics came to mind when attempting to “port” the “un-portable:” The open ocean accepts all rivers & He’s got the whole world in his hands.

The rubber band ball transformed into Earth, as seen from space, using the tea sachets. I can attest that gluing tiny bits of paper onto rubber bands is challenging and sticky work.

The Blue Planet nestles in a photo of the open ocean, along with a photo of Earth, and the “cut out” of the ocean photo, all of which sits on a magnificent photograph of Point Lobos by Doug Steakley, from his book Pacific Light. I really like the slight curve of the 3×5 which happens when one side of the card gets glued but not the flip side. Reminds me of the curvature of the Earth and why we have such a lovely horizon line out at sea.

Nothing like trying to capture the cosmic water cycle to make you feel humble.

pt lobos and world